Emergency Electrician

At Colchester Castle Electrician we know that when you have an emergency you want it fixed quick. Losing lighting or power all together can be stress and disruptive to your business or home.

Colchester Castle Emergency Electrician

Our Emergency Electrician services:

Whatever the fault rest assured that it can be fixed. Our emergency electricians are always on standby and ready to help our customers as quickly as they possibly can.

We are masters of electrical fault finding, we’ll find the issue and resolve or replace the problem part. If it is repairable then we’ll fix the problem right there on the spot, if it requires parts that we do not have in our van or that are not available locally, we have access to express delivery with a number of national services that will get it to us fast.

What do we consider an electrical emergency?

Well, if something is on fire or someone is injured you should call the relevant emergency services first. If there is the potential to give someone an electric shock, an appliance is smoking or lights flickering as long as it’s safe to access and there is no threat to yourself you should immediately try to turn off the power at the breaker or circuit board then call an emergency electrician.

Of course there is also the loss of power. In this instance call us straight away and we’ll get right back to you. Loss of power can be caused by a number of problems but it is always good to get the root cause of the issue identified and resolved. We know that when our customers have an electrical emergency they need that problem fixed fast.

Our promise:

At Colchester Castle Electrician we are fully qualified and registered electricians, providing a top quality, affordable work with a friendly team

– We are fully qualified and approved electricians
– Our high quality work is Guaranteed
– Free over the phone affordable quotes

So, if you need an emergency electrician please call us straight away on 01206 700769.

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Colchester Castle Emergency Electrician

Do you have an electrical emergency? A power outage? Contact Colchester Castle Electrician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we’ll get right back to you. Call us today on 01206 700769.